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Logitech launches $249.99 Skype-compatible BCC950 ConferenceCam

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Logitech has announced the ConferenceCam, a motion-tracking webcam / speakerphone combo aimed at small businesses.

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Logitech ConfereceCam
Logitech ConfereceCam

Logitech today announced the BCC950 ConferenceCam, a 1080p / 30fps motion-tracking webcam with built-in speakerphone. Aimed at small businesses and groups, Logitech hopes the system will pull users away from traditional conferencing systems like the Polycom Voicestation 300. It connects via USB to both Mac and PC, and there's Microsoft Lync / Skype support. There's no mention of Cisco's industry-standard Telepresence, which tells us a lot about the company's aims for this product: it's not going to take over the professional conferencing world, but it will do just fine in less taxing situations.

The ConferenceCam costs a whopping $249.99, which while in line with other conferencing solutions, seems a bit much to us — a high-end webcam and Bluetooth speakerphone would set you back less. It'll launch worldwide this May, but until then, you can check out an unnervingly anthropomorphic version of the ConferenceCam in the video below.