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Boot into Com Truise's DOS-inspired music video

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A video for Com Truise's "Terminal" evokes the DOS operating system.

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Com Truise Terminal
Com Truise Terminal

Com Truise's retro music videos are sneaking closer and closer to the present day. Last year, we got a pastiche of Blade Runner in "BrokenDate," and now Truise (aka Seth Haley) and designer Myk Dawg (aka Mykola Dosenko) take us back to the age of DOS, when neon graphics were considered futuristic and navigating the command line was required. It's not all text adventure games and NetHack, though — this may be the first time we've seen drive defragmentation portrayed in a music video.

The video is definitely worth watching even if, like me, you're too young to have experienced DOS firsthand. We're disappointed that this almost dangerous amount of nostalgia hasn't led Truise to release his album on a series of floppies as well, but we look forward to future efforts, which we can only imagine will involve loving portrayals of Dreamweaver-built personal home pages and iPhone apps.