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HTC Titan II at AT&T on April 8th for $199.99: LTE, 16 megapixels

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AT&T has announced that the HTC Titan II will be available on April 8th for $199.99 on contract.

HTC Titan II
HTC Titan II

Alongside the Lumia 900, AT&T will be bringing the HTC Titan II to its shelves on April 8th, giving the carrier its first two LTE-enabled Windows Phones on the same day. Though the Lumia 900 has gotten the lion's share of the attention since both models debuted back at CES in January, the Titan II is notable for offering a 16-megapixel camera — the highest for any Windows Phone and the highest ever for AT&T, period. The phone — which features the same 4.7-inch super LCD display as its predecessor — will be available for $199.99 on contract, $100 more than the Lumia.