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'Multiplayer Piano' lets you make music with strangers over the web

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Multiplayer Piano is a site that lets you jam with other people over the web on one communal piano. The results can be a bit hectic, but you can set up a private room if you're looking to make a real musical creation.

Multiplayer Piano
Multiplayer Piano

If you miss the days when being a kid gave you a license to bang away incessantly at every piano you could find, Multiplayer Piano might just be the social music experiment you've been waiting for. The dead simple website offers a communal piano that users can play away at with their mouse cursors or keyboards. If the particular room you're in gets overly crowded — or if someone comes in a spams A sharp — you can switch between available rooms or make your own. We'd imagine that a group of people who knew what they were doing would be able to make some good music together, and thankfully you can hide your room so only people with the private URL can play on your piano — not unlike If you're feeling a bit musical today, loosen up your fingers and check out the source link below.