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Yahoo Meme shutting down on May 25th

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Yahoo has announced that its microblogging platform, Yahoo Meme, will be closing down on May 25th. Users have until then to export their posts or delete their account.

yahoo meme
yahoo meme

Following in the path of Google Buzz and Wave, Yahoo Meme is the next social network to fade into obscurity. Yahoo announced the microblogging service will go dark on May 25th, with a read-only state being imposed on April 25th. For those unfamiliar — and we're sure there are a lot of you — Yahoo Meme launched in 2009 (first in Portuguese and later that year in English) and allows users to post status updates, links, photos, and video to their own Meme page, which other users can then comment on or repost. It's basically something in between Twitter and Tumblr, but with none of the attention those services get.

If you're a Meme user, you have until April 25th to continue to make posts. After that point, Yahoo is going to put the site into a read-only mode and won't accept any new users, posts, or comments. Up until the site's shutdown at the end of May, you'll be able to export your posts or permanently delete your account. The closure shouldn't come as a total surprise, though, as Yahoo ended support for Meme's iOS app earlier this year.