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T-Mobile leak shows $5 price increase for 5GB and 10GB add-on data plans

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T-Mobile is apparently going to increase some of its data plans by five dollars on April 4th. The move may be in order to drive customers towards its Value plans that don't include device subsidies.

t-mobile rate increase
t-mobile rate increase

According to an internal T-Mobile memo obtained by TmoNews, monthly pricing for the company's add-on data plans for subsidized devices is set to increase five dollars on April 4th. The Premium 5GB Classic and Ultra 10GB Classic data plans, which are purchased alongside a voice plan, will now be $35 and and $65, respectively. Customers who signed up for the plans prior to April 4th won't be affected by the price increase. Both plans will continue to have T-Mobile's hotspot feature, but there don't seem to be any additional bonuses added to the newly priced plans.

The new pricing makes T-Mobile's Classic plans cost $10 more than its Value plan for the same amount of data. Value plans, however, require customers to already own a compatible phone or to purchase a phone at full price from T-Mobile, which increases the upfront cost. Customers who do opt for a Value plan can save money over the length of their contracts. The company's CMO Cole Brodman has not shied away from voicing his dislike of phone subsidies, and increasing the price of plans for subsidized devices may make more customers consider a full-price device in order to get the less expensive plans.