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Hacked Kindle Touch shown playing 'Simon's Cat' video

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A Mobile Read forums member has posted video of a Kindle Touch hacked to play rudimentary video.

Kindle Touch hacked to play video
Kindle Touch hacked to play video

As much as we love the way E Ink displays render text, the technology's slow refresh rates and full-screen black-to-white flicker generally make them a poor choice for other purposes. That hasn't stopped enterprising users from pushing their limits, however, with a member of the Mobile Read forums now hacking a Kindle Touch to play video. In the clip below, the Kindle is shown playing an episode of Simon's Cat, with both audio and video in sync. While it's not the smoothest playback we've ever seen — the hacked Sony PRS-T1's "partial refresh" mode still seems to beat it — it's nevertheless a promising look at things to come. The developer, who goes by the name "Ehhh" at the Mobile Read forums, is currently soliciting feedback on whether he should continue with further development.