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Logitech UE Air Speaker officially unveiled with AirPlay support and Ultimate Ears branding

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Logitech has finally entered the AirPlay-device market with the introduction of the UE Air Speaker.

Logitech UE Air Speaker 640
Logitech UE Air Speaker 640

A mysterious AirPlay speaker from Logitech first surfaced briefly on Amazon UK back in October, but today the company is making things official with the announcement of the UE Air Speaker. An all-black device equipped with dual tweeters and woofers, the Air Speaker marks Logitech's first move into the AirPlay market, allowing users of compatible Apple products to wirelessly stream uncompressed audio to the speaker over Wi-Fi. Set-up is achieved with the company's free UE Air iOS app, and the sleek speaker also includes a traditional dock for playback and charging.

The Air Speaker represents Logitech's first use of the Ultimate Ears brand beyond its line of popular in-ear headphones (Logitech bought Ultimate Ears back in 2008). In fact, the version of the Air Speaker that leaked in October featured Logitech's name front and center on the device, but for the shipping product that has been replaced with the Ultimate Ears logo. It's an indication of just how much Logitech is banking on the UE name to help differentiate the Air Speaker from a crowded lineup of stylish competitors. Then again, the true test of any speaker is how it sounds, and to discover that we'll have to wait until it ships in April at a suggested price of $399.99.