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The Cloud to offer 60 minutes of free Wi-Fi at London Overground stations

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London Overground stations will be fitted with free Wi-Fi access by the end of 2012, thanks to a deal with The Cloud.

London Overground
London Overground

Commuters using London's Overground stations will soon be able to take advantage of 60 minutes free Wi-Fi access each day, thanks to a partnership between London Overground Rail Operations Limited and The Cloud. The Wi-Fi rollout, which kicks off in the summer, will see all 56 London Overground train stations fitted with hotspots by the end of the year.

Major stations including Willesden Junction, New Cross Gate, Hackney Central, and Shepherd's Bush will all let commuters sign on to the free Wi-Fi after a one-time registration process is completed, providing internet access at the stations themselves — not within the trains. Once 60 minutes of free use is complete, users will be prompted to continue using the service on a pay-as-you-go basis. The deal follows a similar rollout by Virgin Media, who will have free hotspots in around 80 of London Underground's 270 stations in time for the London Olympics this summer. Virgin's Wi-Fi service will only work at tube platforms, but unlike The Cloud's offering non-Virgin customers will have to pay to use the service after the Olympics.