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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Android 4.0 update leaks

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RootzWiki has leaked an official Android 4.0 ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S II on AT&T.

AT&T Galaxy S II (Hero)
AT&T Galaxy S II (Hero)

RootzWiki has certainly been busy recently. After announcing yesterday's Skyrocket leak, the site has today released an official Android 4.0 ROM for the Samsung Galaxy II on AT&T. As expected, the update appears to be visually identical to the international version that was released a couple of weeks ago. TouchWiz is in full force as per usual, with only the Android 4.0 multitasking menu and app compatibility being added. With everything functioning as it should, this looks to be a near-final build, so we hope to see it pushed out by AT&T soon. If you can't wait for the officially official update, and don't mind invalidating your warranty, you can manually update your Galaxy S II at the source link below.