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Is Google launching a blog commenting system?

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Google has reportedly announced plans to introduce a blog commenting pltform at the G-Saudi Arabia conference in Jeddah.


Google is preparing to launch a blog commenting system similar to the one offered by Facebook according to Saudi Arabian site Tech-WD, which jibes with the rumors that first surfaced in WebProNews in October last year. The system was supposedly discussed along with a number of other unannounced features at the G-Saudi Arabia Google conference in Jeddah, and would tie in with the rest of your Google account. Comments would be indexed by Google Social, the same service that crawls tweets and Facebook for Google's search service.

The introduction of a comments system would be yet another way for Google to take a role in your connected life. For the company, the ability to tie in your social activity from around the web into your Google+ profile also has the potential to reignite interest in the social network should the system become widely adopted. However, it could also easily become another cause for concern for the privacy conscious.