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Samsung projection-maps brilliant images on man's face for Galaxy Y Duos launch

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Samsung Portugal's new ad for the launch of the Galaxy Y Duos features some impressive use of projection mapping to overlay perfectly-mapped images on a man's face.

samsung guy
samsung guy

For the launch of Samsung Portugal's new dual-SIM Galaxy Y Duos device, the company footed the bill for this amazing display of projection mapping (see video below). The projection mapping technique used in the ad is usually reserved for stationary, non-blinking objects like buildings and cars, but Excentric, Oscar e Gaspar, and DROID I.D. (the ad agency, video mapping guys, and production company, respectively) thought they'd try it out on an actual person for the spot. While sitting still for up to three hours probably wasn't a picnic (even less so with bright lights blasting searing images onto your face), the end result looks fantastic. While the video looks great, we wish the technology had been around a few years earlier — some clever pico projecting might have scored us some extra nap time in calculus class.