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'Angry Birds' creator Rovio acquires Futuremark Games Studio

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Rovio Entertainment, creator of the Angry Birds franchise, has acquired Futuremark Games Studio

rovio futuremark
rovio futuremark

Fresh off the impressive debut of Angry Birds Space, which saw ten million downloads in its first three days after release, Rovio Entertainment today announced the acquisition of Futuremark Games Studio. Prior to the buyout, the studio had served as the gaming arm of benchmarking software company Futuremark and released a small number of titles across PC, iOS, Android, and Xbox Live Arcade. The move will add the Futuremark Games Studio team to Rovio's fleet of talent while allowing Futuremark to focus on its 3DMark benchmarking toolkit, a new version of which is due later this year. No financial terms of the deal have been disclosed, but we get the sense that Rovio can probably afford to throw some money around these days.