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Comcast customers can watch HBO on Apple TV through Xfinity iOS app

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Comcast's Xfinity iOS app can be used as a workaround to get HBO content on your Apple TV.

Zatz | HBO Go on Apple TV
Zatz | HBO Go on Apple TV

HBO Go seems to be coming to just about every device out there (with the Xbox 360 being the latest), while Apple TV owners have been left out in the cold — but if you're a Comcast subscriber, there is a way. While the HBO Go iOS app can't be streamed to an Apple TV using Apple's AirPlay feature, it turns out that you can still watch content through Comcast's Xfinity app. Once downloaded you can use the app to watch HBO on your iOS device and then send it on over to your Apple TV. It's not a perfect fix — resolution differences between your tablet and TV could lead to some image quality issues — and it's not quite as useful as HBO Go since you can only stream the channel. But if you're already a Comcast subscriber, it's a workaround that could come in handy.