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MetroTwit 1.0 released with multiple account support

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MetroTwit Windows Twitter client updated with new features for its version 1.0 release, including multiple account support.

MetroTwit 1.0
MetroTwit 1.0

We have been using MetroTwit on our Windows machines here at The Verge for a while now, even naming it one of our must-have apps to make Windows 7 more beautiful. The app is celebrating its second birthday with a version 1.0 release this week, shipping with a bunch of new features and bug fixes for Metro style fans.

The MetroTwit team have added support for tweet filtering, an undo tweet feature, and Twitter events support for user follows, list membership, and tweet favorites. Perhaps the biggest change, though, is the introduction of multiple account support. The feature brings it on par with rival Windows clients like TweetDeck or Seesmic, but there's a slight catch. Multiple account support is only available for MetroTwit Plus customers, an optional lifetime license that costs around $16 and removes ads from the client. Most won't require a paid license, but the 1.0 update is a worthwhile upgrade regardless.

As for the next two years of updates? MetroTwit developer David Golden says that today's update has been a "pretty big deal" for the team and they are now preparing to add extras features soon. "We've been working really hard on it for the two years," says Golden, but the developers still have "lots more to do" he admits. Nest integration support is in the works, allowing MetroTwit users to sync settings and accounts with other PCs and Windows Phone apps like Rowi. Golden says the team is also planning to improve the keyboard shortcuts in future versions of MetroTwit.

Update: If you're interested in winning a MetroTwit Plus account then head on over to our forums, we have 10 to giveaway!