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    BioShock Infinite's last 'Heavy Hitter' is the séance-holding Siren

    BioShock Infinite's last 'Heavy Hitter' is the séance-holding Siren


    The last of BioShock Infinite's "Heavy Hitters," a series of four enemies who can augment the power of other enemies, is the Siren, who raises dead enemies to attack you.

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    The last of BioShock Infinite's ""Heavy Hitters" has been revealed, and though it's not quite as utterly terrifying as the Motorized Patriot or the faceless Boys of Silence, the historical reasoning behind it is probably the most compelling of the four enemies. The robe-clad Siren was inspired by the Spiritualist movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, where mediums attempted to communicate with the dead through séances. The Siren, however, can literally raise the dead, bringing enemies back to life to attack you.

    In terms of gameplay, an enemy who can resurrect or spawn other hostiles isn't all that new. But the general idea of the Heavy Hitters, who help more traditional enemies and serve as minibosses throughout the game, is something we're looking forward to seeing in action. With the Siren, we're also glad that the team is probing some of the weirder parts of the time period in which the game is ostensibly set. BioShock Infinite is scheduled for release in mid-October.