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Google Drive cloud storage launch planned for early April, sources tell GigaOm

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Cloud storage service Google Drive will be launching in the first week of April, sources have told GigaOm. The service will include 1GB of free storage and an API for third-party apps.

Google car
Google car

Google Drive, the long-rumored cloud storage service, may be launching as soon as next week. Anonymous but "well placed" sources have told GigaOm that Drive is on the cusp of launch, and that it will be released to consumers in the first week of April 2012. The service will allegedly come with 1GB of free storage with the option to purchase more, will include a local client and a web interface that looks like Google Docs, and will have a domain-specific Google Apps version. As some people guessed earlier, Google is also supposed to be developing an API for third-party apps.

Plenty of hypothetical Drive launch dates have already come and gone, so even GigaOm isn't ready to say that this will be the final one. Still, this is more information that we've seen from a source, leaving aside cryptic messages within the Google code itself. If Drive does come out with these specifications, it will include half as much free space as competitor Dropbox (which provides 2GB) but will also be able to build on Google Apps to draw in customers.