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First 'Total Recall' remake teaser trailer hits YouTube

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Sony Pictures has released a teaser trailer for its upcoming remake of Total Recall.

Total Recall Trailer
Total Recall Trailer

The original Total Recall is only 22 years old this year, and is widely accepted as the greatest film of all time (we're pretty sure). But if you've always thought that Colin Farrell would do a much better job than Schwarzenegger, boy have we got a treat for you. Prior to the remake's world trailer premiere this Sunday, Sony Pictures has released a thirty-second teaser onto YouTube. There's not really any clue as to how the plot's been re-imagined for the remake, but hopefully we'll get more of an idea come Sunday. Oh, and if you're not at all pleased at the prospect of the remake, why not have some fun and see how many elements borrowed from other movies you can find in thirty seconds?