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    Become Epic Sax Guy in Pippin Barr's 'Epic Sax Game'

    Become Epic Sax Guy in Pippin Barr's 'Epic Sax Game'


    Epic Sax Game is an 8-bit game based on the Moldovan sax player known as "Epic Sax Guy" after a 2010 Eurovision performance.

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    Epic Sax Guy, the idiosyncratic Moldovan sax player who performed at Eurovision 2010, is now the subject of his own 8-bit video game. Epic Sax Game lets you take your keyboard-based sax playing from the practice room to Eurovision by playing the same riff over and over. It's a bit like Guitar Hero with only one phrase and a ten-hour final performance on YouTube. We confess we haven't completed that part, which includes a continuously updated counter of views, Likes, Dislikes, and comments based on how well you're doing.

    The game is the product of Pippin Barr, who's previously created such favorites as Let's Play: Ancient Greek Punishment and an air disaster-based typing game. Barr has also written a series of blog posts about the making of Epic Sax Game, including recreating the entire Eurovision performance by hand. Go ahead and run through a few warmup rounds before seeing if you have the stamina to "win YouTube."