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@fame Twitter raffle wants to make winners more popular than Lady Gaga

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The @fame Twitter plugin holds a raffle each day, with each winner being followed for 24 hours by every other participant. The creator's goal is to sign up 21 million users, making each winner briefly more popular than Lady Gaga.


Have you ever dreamed of having millions of people hanging on your every word? Have you since downscaled that dream to being very, very popular on Twitter? Twitter plugin Fame is meant to give one lucky winner each day more followers than Lady Gaga. After connecting to the service, Fame will automatically enter you in a drawing that's made once a day. By default, you get one ticket per drawing, but inviting friends to join can net you extras. If you win the raffle, everyone else who has signed up will automatically follow you — for 24 hours. After your time in the spotlight is up, you'll be unfollowed automatically, although people are free to manually follow you again once that's done.

Fame's ultimate goal is to sign up 21 million people, meaning that each winner would overtake Lady Gaga as the most followed person on Twitter. Right now, tomorrow's winner will get about 900, but it's also been running for less than a week. BuzzFeed calls the system a "tidy critique of the Twitter celebrity complex," pointing out the essential meaninglessness of following celebrity microblogs. To us, it seems more akin to a reality TV show that takes place online, giving almost random people a huge audience with mixed results. Today's winner, for instance, is celebrating resuming her "lipoB fat loss shots." There are plenty of fascinating accounts on Twitter, but what Fame offers is a chance to be followed for essentially nothing at all.