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Robot uses AI and camera tracking to rehabilitate stroke victims

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A new robot from the University of Toronto uses AI and camera tracking to help stroke patients rehabilitate at home.


Stroke patients don't always keep up with their rehabilitation exercises once they leave the hospital, so a team at the University of Toronto's Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering has come up with a solution — an intelligent robot that makes the process more fun. Associate professor Alex Mihailidis and his team developed a robot that helps patients with their exercises. It's also equipped with artificial intelligence and cameras so that it can track their progress and adapt accordingly. Exercises will change based on past performances or how tired the patient is, and the robot uses rehabilitation-related games to make things more enjoyable. It can even record sessions so that attendants can review progress remotely. While rehabilitation machies already exist, Mihailidis' bot adds AI and camera tracking to the formula while still being small enough that you can easily move it around — and all of that comes for about one-tenth the cost of current machines.