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Beatsurfing for iPad allows users to draw their own MIDI instruments

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Beatsurfer is a new app that uses the iPad as a MIDI controller and lets users draw their own software interface and slide their fingers to trigger sounds.


Some of the best software for the iPad comes in the form of music creation apps. Even before Apple launched GarageBand in 2011, there was a fleet of high-quality drum machines, keyboards, amp simulators, and more — Gorillaz even released an album made entirely on the iPad. That's not stopping developers from cranking out new, creative music apps, and the upcoming Beatsurfing app is a great example. At its core, Beatsurfing is a MIDI controller for your digital audio workstation — the iPad will only serve as the controller to an existing setup (and will hook in to software like Ableton Live).

Where it differentiates itself is the fact that users can draw their own custom interface; each shape is able to interact with the others as you trigger sounds, creating an intensly layered sound. Rather than tap, the app encourages users to slide your fingers across the various instruments. Herrmutt Lobby, Beatsurfer's developer, said the inspiration behind this app was the mindset of "putting back the human touch to a [digital audio] setup." As for when the app will be released, Julien Fournier (of Vlek Records, who is releasing the app) told us that the app should be available by the "end of Spring", but you can sign up now to test the beta this April. In the meantime, enjoy the video below to see the app in action and start dreaming about how you might integrate it into your digital audio workflow.