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Sprint shuttering Picture Mail MMS storage service on April 30th

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Sprint has announced it will be shutting down its Picture Mail service, which allowed users to access photos and videos they'd shared via MMS on the web.

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Sprint Flatiron Logo
Sprint Flatiron Logo

The ubiquity of online sharing platforms has struck another blow, with Spring informing users that it is discontinuing its Picture Mail online organization and storage service. Picture Mail provided a web portal for Sprint users to access MMS photographs and videos that they'd sent or received, where they could organize them into albums, download them, and share them with friends. While a useful bit of functionality several years ago, it's a tool whose utility has clearly been superseded by the advent of Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and countless other platforms. The website will be shut down on April 30th, so if you'd like to download any photos that may be lurking on Sprint's servers, you should head to the Picture Mail website sooner rather than later.