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Phantom v642 high-speed broadcast camera shoots at 5,850fps to slow down time

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Vision Research's new Phantom v642 is a high speed camera designed specifically to slow the action of live sports games.

Phantom v642 high speed camera stock press 1024
Phantom v642 high speed camera stock press 1024

You've never truly seen the world until you've seen it through a high-speed camera, which capture reality so quickly that they can slow it down, to the point you can see every tiny little ripple in a cloth, every flex in a human muscle with your naked eyes. Today, Vision Research has a new Phantom high-speed camera designed specifically for broadcasters, which can allow them to take the next incredible moment in the next big sports game and slow it down up to 90 times. For comparison, here's what 100x slow motion looks like:

The Phantom v642 has a 2K sensor that can record full resolution 2560 x 1600 images at 1,450 frames per second, 1080p footage at 2,560 FPS, or 720p at 5,850 FPS in total, and has up to 32GB of DRAM memory (as much as a high end desktop PC) and dual HD-SDI ports on board. Like its predecessor, the v641, it can simultaneously record one slow-motion clip and play back another one at 4:2:2, so that the camera can be constantly filming the action instead of pausing to swap out drives, but Vision Research says it's also added a "unique segmented memory feature" so it can store 63 such clips in memory at a time.

The other big change is a multi-matrix color correction technique to match the footage from the Phantom to the regular-speed cameras that broadcasters will use alongside. All in all, we're more likely than ever to see glorious slow motion footage accompanying our live events, and that sounds swell. As usual with such objects, if you have to ask what it costs, you probably don't want to know.