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Box OneCloud takes on iCloud, lets iOS apps easily save and sync

Box OneCloud takes on iCloud, lets iOS apps easily save and sync


Box today announced OneCloud, a suite of iOS apps that can seamlessly edit, make changes to, and save documents within your Box account.

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box onecloud
box onecloud

iOS doesn't make it especially easy to edit documents and save them to your favorite cloud service, especially when it comes to Word files, slideshows, and spreadsheets. There's iCloud — which saves files automatically — but it only works with specific apps and doesn't allow you to work with friends or coworkers on other platforms. Today, Box is announcing OneCloud, the first "round-trip" document editing platform for iOS that gives apps like QuickOffice iCloud-like features. Until today, you'd have to manually pop a document out of Box, edit it in QuickOffice, then re-import it into as a separate file. With OneCloud, you can tap "Save back to Box" which seamlessly saves your edits into the file stored on Box's server. This means Box's useful version tracking is left intact, whereas before, you'd be left with multiple files out of order.

OneCloud launches today alongside more than 30 iOS apps that can point to Box for cloud storage and even access files offline. Box's updated iOS app includes a mini app gallery with iTunes links for all apps compatible with OneCloud. Below each app are various icons illustrating what kinds of files the app can edit like DOC, PPT, PNG, JPG, GIF, TXT, and MP3. The gallery is meant to help you find various ways to work on the go while accessing your Box storage.


OneCloud also launches with four premium partners — "Quickoffice, Adobe EchoSign, Nuance PaperPort Notes and PDF Expert support the deepest level of integration with Box through a new round-trip workflow," Box said. By "round-trip workflow," the company means that changes you make to documents are instantly stored and secured in your Box account like we alluded to earlier with QuickOffice. You can even work with Google Docs assuming you have an app that can handle them.

Looking to the future, Box is building OneCloud for Android and is open to integrating with any app that'll help your business manage its files — whether these files are straight-up Word documents or even video editing files somewhere down the road. In effect, Box has given iCloud-esque storage to any app that decides to integrate with it. And while OneCloud isn't as automatic as iCloud, it's the first viable solution for people forced to constantly edit, copy, and save documents between third party apps and cloud storage services.

See below for a video of OneCloud in action. Below the video, you'll find a complete list of apps compatible with OneCloud as of today.

Apps compatible with OneCloud:

  • Adobe EchoSighn
  • AutoCAD
  • BuzzContacts + Agenda by Savvy Apps
  • Call Trunk
  • DocScan by IFUNPLAY
  • Documents to Go
  • DocuSign
  • EasySign
  • FileBoard
  • Game Plan
  • Genius Scan
  • GoodNote
  • GoodReader
  • JotNot
  • Lemon
  • Live Project
  • MightyMeeting
  • Mindjet
  • Moprise
  • Nozbe
  • Nuance Paperport Notes
  • Openera
  • PDFExpert
  • Podio
  • Project Catalyst
  • QuickOffice
  • Receipts
  • SlideShark
  • Smart Recorder
  • TouchDraw
  • WAB
  • Whiteboard HD