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Asus Transformer Prime to receive significant update this week

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Asus Italy has announced a major update to its Transformer Prime tablet is rolling out tomorrow.

Gallery Photo: Eee Pad Transformer Prime ICS update photos
Gallery Photo: Eee Pad Transformer Prime ICS update photos

Asus is detailing the "awesome new features" on the way for its Transformer Prime. The news comes via Asus Italy's Facebook page of all places, which also lists all the additions coming to the convertible tablet. The update brings lock screen notification management, adding the ability to view and delete notifications as well as being able to jump immediately to the relevant application. For those of you that are too lazy to touch the screen, Face Unlock is now included as well. ASUS's iTunes contender Vibe will move from 1.0 to 2.0 with the update, with improved content selection, services, and a new UI responsible for the all-new version number. HDMI out has also been improved, now including orientation and cropping options.

The company is hammering home that many of the new features in the update are a direct response to user requests on Facebook, including Ad-hoc network support, compatibility with USB to LAN adapters, and a persistent browser user agent (the browser will now remember if you want to use desktop or mobile view when browsing). Asus Italy says that the update should be ready for pushing out over the air tomorrow, and we've heard from sources familiar with the matter that the international rollout will be starting this Friday.