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Evernote for Android now includes speech-to-text transcription

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Evernote has updated its Android app and widget to include speech-to-text transcription.


Evernote has updated its note-taking Android app to version 3.6, adding voice recognition to its list of features. The speech-to-voice function is powered by Google's transcription service and requires Android 4.0 and internet access to function. Evernote has mentioned that "certain other devices [not on Android 4.0]" will work, but it's not clear which devices its talking about. We've reached out to the developer to clarify and will update the article with a definitive list as and when we hear back.

The official Evernote Widget (a separate download from the app) has also seen a refresh, with a ton of new customization options, and the addition of a 1 x 1 widget. This new tiny widget takes up the same space as an app icon and can be customized to send you straight into a number of functions, including new note, photo or voice note. Both the updated app and widget are available in Google Play as free downloads starting today.