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Seesmic for Android updated with ads, improved inline photo support

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Seesmic for Android has been updated with improved inline photo support and the free app now contains ads. A Pro version removes ads and adds extra features.

Seesmic Android
Seesmic Android

Seesmic for Android, the popular app that lets you manage multiple social feeds on the go, has been updated with some fresh functionality. First and foremost, photos from Instagram and those hosted on Twitter can now be viewed inline from the app's timeline. Directly related to this is a new option allowing users to upload pictures through Twitter rather than image hosting alternatives like TwitPic and Yfrog. There's some bad with the good, however, as the free version of Seesmic is now ad-supported — a step that was necessary to "support further development" according to the company. Further, support for Salesforce's Chatter network has been stripped from the app.

For those that simply can't deal with adverts, Seesmic is now offering a Pro (read: $2.99) release of its app which kills the ads and includes some bonus enhancements like the ability to view both Facebook and Twitter accounts from a single timeline. Both flavors of Seesmic can be downloaded now via Google Play.