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Verizon's HomeFusion residential LTE service adds sixth city: Terre Haute, Indiana

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Verizon has added Terre Haute, Indiana to the list of launched markets for its HomeFusion residential LTE service.


First announced earlier this month, Verizon has added the western Indiana town of Terre Haute to HomeFusion's list of launched markets. HomeFusion is the retail name for the carrier's residential LTE service — a DSL / cable modem alternative that uses a large cylinder-shaped antenna mounted to your house to pull in LTE speeds that can exceed what you'd expect from a mobile device like a phone or hotspot. As with other HomeFusion markets, Terre Haute residents can expect to pay $60 for 10GB, $90 for 20GB, or $120 for 30GB each month — a far cry from the caps you typically see on landline broadband services (250GB on Comcast, for instance), but considering what mobile data users are accustomed to paying, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Look for the service to officially launch tomorrow.