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Google Street View now takes users on a virtual train ride through the Swiss Alps

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After using Street View to record a train ride through the Swiss Alps back in October, Google has made the trip available to users via Google Maps.

Google Street View Swiss Alps
Google Street View Swiss Alps

Back in October, Google hitched its Street View hardware to a railcar and sent it for a ride along the magnificent Swiss Alps. Five months later the fruits of that effort can now be seen inside Google Maps, and the results are nothing short of a feast for the eyes. Users can partake in a virtual train ride that covers 75.8 miles of the UNESCO World Heritage Albula / Bernina railway line and as we've come to expect, Google provides a 360-degree field of view through the entire length of the trip.

In case you somehow missed the prominent blurb on the Google Maps search page showcasing the Swiss Alps project, the folks in Mountain View have also put together a gallery that rounds up some visual highlights from the journey.