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How Apple's Keynote can replace traditional design tools for designers

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In a blog post, one designer explains why he and his whole company prefer Keynote for design-related tasks.


Apple's Keynote is known primarily as a Mac alternative to PowerPoint, but it turns out that it's actually a pretty solid design tool. Paul Woods, from German design firm Edenspiekermann, has written a blog post outlining how and why he and the rest of the team use Keynote on design projects: "I now rarely (if ever) use InDesign," he explains. While the program is still used for presentations, the company also uses it to create everything from user interfaces for sites and apps to mock ups for posters and banners. You can check out some of the reasoning at the source link below — which includes Keynote's ease of use and large selection of third-party add-ons and libraries — but do keep in mind that the switch to Keynote isn't seamless; even Woods admits that it's hard not having the familiar Adobe hotkeys at hand.