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Official Plex channel comes to Roku media streamers with new UI and photo browsing

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Plex has announced an official channel client for Roku boxes, replacing the private channel that had previously been available while also offering an assortment of new features.

Official Plex channel for Roku screenshot
Official Plex channel for Roku screenshot

Roku just announced a software update earlier this month, and now owners of the diminutive boxes have something else to smile about: an official Plex channel. While Plex had already offered a client through its own private channel, this is an officially-sanctioned addition, available right in Roku's own Channel Store. It brings with it a number of improvements, including an improved grid UI and theme, full support for online myPlex account information, and a number of bug fixes. The new channel also adds the ability to browse through any audio files or photos that may be present on your Plex Media Server, and provides transcode-free playback of formats natively supported by Roku boxes as well. If you'd like to get started, the new channel is available through Roku devices now.