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Amazon's proposed Seattle HQ features a trio of skyscrapers

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Some new images have been found that show just what Amazon's proposed Seattle headquarters might look like.

Amazon Seattle HQ model
Amazon Seattle HQ model

Last month Amazon revealed plans to build a new headquarters in downtown Seattle, and now we have some idea of just what the trio of skyscrapers might look like. The Seattle Times has managed to track down some renderings and models of the proposed buildings, which show how they'll look as a part of the city's skyline. Amazon's preferred setup for the buildings takes up three blocks and would provide the company with an extra three million square feet of space — about the same size as Microsoft's recent addition to its nearby Redmond, Washington campus. Nothing is official yet — and Amazon is hoping the final product will be able to bypass a few of the city's design codes — but the new HQ could be a nice compliment to the rumored Amazon retail store that may also be coming to Seattle.