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    Tumblr hits 20 billion post milestone, nears 50 million blogs

    Tumblr hits 20 billion post milestone, nears 50 million blogs


    Tumblr's total number of posts reached 20 billion this week, up from 10 billion in September. The platform is approaching a total of 50 million blogs.

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    While it's not quite accurate to say everyone has a Tumblr (at least not yet), you can now remark that there are about three posts on Tumblr blogs for every human on the planet. This week, the popular blogging platform hit a huge milestone when the 20 billionth post was uploaded to its servers, and it's currently closing fast on the 50 millionth blog goalpost as well.

    To give you some perspective on the size of the platform, there are about 845 million monthly users on Facebook, but since it's common for Tumblr users to have multiple blogs, it's difficult to do a direct comparison. Tumblr went from 5 billion posts on May 1st last year to 10 billion in September, before crossing 20 billion on Monday — so while overall growth in the number of posts is decelerating somewhat (doubling in four months, then six), it's still very high at over 12 percent per month during the last six months. By the way, if anyone's got some spare time, can you start a Tumblr that's the opposite of this one? We could use some cheering up.