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Samsung releases Galaxy S update in Korea, pretends it's as good as Android 4.0

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Samsung has released a new Value Pack for the Korean Galaxy S, bringing a number of features of Android 4.0 to the

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Samsung is releasing a Value Pack for the first-generation Galaxy S in Korea that will serve as the company's substitute for a full-fledged Android 4.0 upgrade. The company is cramming some of the headline features of Ice Cream Sandwich into the phone's current Gingerbread build. Those still using Android 2.1 will need to upgrade to 2.2 first and then 2.3 to use the Value Pack. Users who install the pack will receive:

  • Face Unlock (described as being low security)
  • The ability to take photo snapshots while recording video
  • A new photo editor
  • Font size adjustment in some apps
  • Improvements to folders and the launcher
  • A Smart Receipt installation icon

Our hands-on experience with Android 4.0 on the Galaxy S II showed that Samsung is still very much sticking to the TouchWiz UI, so missing out on an ICS upgrade doesn't mean your phone will look too outdated on the surface. Still, that will be of little consolation to users who already know the Nexus S is capable of running Android 4.0, but are having to accept Samsung's claims that it's unable to provide ICS for the identically specced Galaxy S.