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Windows Media Center to feature in separate Windows 8 'Pro Pack' edition?

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Microsoft may be preparing to separate its Media Center application into a Windows 8 Pro Pack SKU.

Windows Media Center
Windows Media Center

We briefly covered the revelation of a Windows 8 Professional edition earlier this week, but it appears there is also a "Pro Pack" SKU that specifically includes Windows Media Center (WMC). Although it's not clear if Microsoft is separating its Media Center application into a separate Windows 8 edition, Winunleaked claims the Pro Pack edition is labelled as "ProfessionalWMC" in post-beta builds — indicating that it is linked to Media Center somehow.

We have heard that Microsoft is considering moving Media Center to a paid application in the upcoming Windows Store, and (or) offering it as part of a premium SKU for Windows 8. Either way, the Media Center app remains relatively untouched from Windows 7 in the recently released Consumer Preview (beta) build of Windows 8. If any separation occurs from the core editions of Windows 8 then it will allow Microsoft to eliminate licensing fees that the company and OEMs have to pay for certain technologies used in Media Center, pushing the core cost of Windows down.