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Ubisoft will save future game states across multiple devices

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Ubisoft wants to integrate a cloud-based cross-platform save storage system across all of its games.


Ubisoft is planning a cloud-based storage system that will enable game saves across multiple devices. The system will allow you to play on one system and then pick up where you left off on another. In an interview with Pocket-lint, Chris Early, Ubisoft Head of Digital said that playing games across more than one device was "a huge issue." Early then detailed the company's solution for its upcoming Ghost Recon Commander game, which will store your character on a central server, giving you access to it via Facebook or your mobile device.

"As a player, I absolutely hope that game saves across multiple devices will be like this in the future. From an Ubisoft perspective, yes they will."

While we applaud Ubisoft's stance on the issue, we'd love to see the whole industry adopt a unified system, rather than each manufacturer, publisher, and developer coming up with its own solution.