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iPhone 4 users who spurned free bumpers can now register for $15 'Antennagate' settlement

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iPhone 4 users who did not accept a free bumper can now apply for a $15 settlement fee in the "Antennagate" class action lawsuit.

iphone 4 antenna 1024
iphone 4 antenna 1024

While Apple's iPhone 4 "Antennagate" issues may seem like a distant memory, a class action lawsuit has resulted in a $15 cash payment settlement for iPhone 4 users who have experienced antenna or reception issues. The suit sought damages for iPhone 4 owners and received preliminary approval in late February. iPhone 4 owners affected by reception issues, but who didn't receive a free bumper case, are now able to claim the settlement fee. includes all the forms that US residents require to submit a request for the settlement fee. To qualify, iPhone 4 users must have experienced antenna or reception issues, been unable to return the iPhone 4 without incurring costs, been unwilling to use a free bumper, and completed troubleshooting steps or unable to complete them if they no longer own the iPhone 4. Apple will also be required to send out an email to iPhone 4 customers before April 30th, informing them of the settlement.