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Google investigating missing purchased apps in Play store

Google investigating missing purchased apps in Play store


Google has said it is investigating an error that is preventing some users from accessing purchased Play store apps.

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Google is looking into a Play store problem that is preventing users from accessing purchased apps. Several users have reported that apps they've bought are missing from the "My Apps" section of Play, and aren't showing up as purchased in the store. Our apps appear to all be in place, but scrolling past the first couple of pages gives us the error shown above. Android Central says that it's been hearing about the errors for three days, and forum threads at xda-developers show much the same thing. The error appears to be occurring both on Android devices and on the web store; while it's not affecting all users, it doesn't seem to be confined to one country.

Google doesn't seem to have fixed the issue yet, but it is apparently investigating it. On the "Known Issues" page, it notes that "we're aware of reports from some users that several applications are missing under 'My Apps' on their devices, and we're currently looking into the issue." Anyone who can't access apps in the store probably shouldn't worry about long-term app problems — as some people have noted, this looks like some kind of connection error. Still, it's frustrating for anyone who's trying to find a purchased app or download a new one and unable to do so.