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Rdio will launch across Europe, Asia on the horizon

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Rdio VP Scott Bagby has detailed plans for the company's expansion into European and Asian territories.


After recent launches in Germany, Spain, Portugal and Denmark, streaming service Rdio will continue with its European expansion in the coming months. Scott Bagby, Rdio's partnerships and internationalization VP, told paidContent:UK that "Europe is an immediate focus." But with alternate services like Spotify already well established in many European territories the company faces an uphill battle to gain a foothold.

"We are a couple of years behind others in terms of expansion."

Bagby says that Rdio will launch in several countries within the next few months, with the eventual aim of serving Europe in its entirety, but securing rights to a stacked music library is critical for a successful launch. "Lining all the stakeholders up and making them happy is extremely difficult," says the VP, who before joining Rdio managed Skype's international launch. Because the company is still in the process of dealing with the labels, there are no solid dates for any of its expansion plans yet.

Rdio isn't planning on stopping at Europe, however — Bagby says that the company already has "a guy on the ground in Asia" and has been "talking with stakeholders out there," although he stopped short of detailing a timeframe for entry into what would be a lucrative market for the company. We'll be covering Rdio's international launch every step of the way, so stay tuned for more updates.