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Samsung adds 'blink detection' and Face Unlock feature for Galaxy S users

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Samsung posted a blog on the details behind its Android 4.0 updates for the Galaxy S II line, and noted that it added "blink detection" to Android's Face Unlock feature to close a previously detected security hole.

Android 4 Face Unlock
Android 4 Face Unlock

Samsung is finally rolling out Ice Cream Sandwich to Galaxy S II users, and today the company posted a blog with some details behind how it got the upgrades ready. Buried amidst galling remarks about the release (like it took the company "only five months" to get Android 4.0 ready) was a note about a customization Samsung made that actually sounds worthwhile. While Galaxy S users don't have Android 4.0 yet, Samsung did add Face Detection unlocking to the latest value pack, and they also included "blink detection" as a way of closing a security loophole — previously, Face Unlock could be fooled by holding a photo up to the camera. Unfortunately, it looks like this is only for the Galaxy S right now, though we'd expect to see this feature roll out to Galaxy S II and Ice Cream Sandwich users sooner or later.