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GoE3 plans for 500 EV chargers on coast-to-coast interstates by 2015

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Arizona-based GoE3 has announced plans to roll out 500 EV chargers along major interstate highways in the US by 2015, with the first 50 installed by April 21st this year. Could this be the boost the EV industry needs?

Chargepoint EV charging station stock 1024 3
Chargepoint EV charging station stock 1024 3

Arizona's GoE3 has announced plans to place 500 electric vehicle chargers along major interstates in the US, with a goal of creating a coast-to-coast network by 2015. The company plans to deploy a mix of Level 2 and Level 3 chargers — allowing it to support a range of different cars — which offer a high 70-Amp current, meaning your car can be fully charged within 45 minutes for $12.50.

The chargers will be deployed at 50-75 mile intervals along the I-40, I-10, I-20, and I-70 highways. The company says that its first 50 chargers will be installed by the 21st of April, with the remaining 450 installed within 18-36 months, and that a route between Tucson and Flagstaff is already in place. We heard earlier this week that California is receiving a $10 million investment in EV chargers, but it seems that the outlets could soon be far more common. Could the wider availability of power be what the industry needs to become mainstream, and save Obama's million EV promise?