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Google unveils new customer survey program as paywall alternative

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A new service from Google lets publishers use market research surveys as a paywall-style revenue source.

Google Consumer Surveys
Google Consumer Surveys

Some news outlets can get away with online paywalls, but for those that can't Google has unveiled an alternative: customer surveys. The new program is called Google Consumer Surveys, and it lets publishers use market research questions as a way of earning some extra revenue. Once it's in place, users will be prompted to answer a question before accessing content like an article or video, and the site will earn $0.05 per response. Google says this amounts to around $15 for every thousand page views. A few sites have already signed up — including AdWeek and the New York Daily News — and the current surveys come from companies ranging from Timbuk2 bags to the Kasa Indian Eatery. But just like many paywalls, it appears as though getting around the surveys isn't too difficult — as The Atlantic Wire notes, you can bypass them altogether simply by having an ad blocker installed.