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HP's webOS CTO Sam Greenblatt is out, no word on replacement

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Sam Greenblatt
Sam Greenblatt

As reported on webOS Nation, Sam Greenblatt — CTO of the webOS program inside HP — has transitioned out of that role, though it appears that he won't be leaving HP altogether. HP's released a brief statement on the matter:

Sam Greenblatt is moving from webOS to a new role at HP and will continue to assist the team during the transition. The Open webOS project is on schedule and HP remains committed to the roadmap announced in January.

For a program that's already on shaky ground with no new hardware in the pipeline, the lack of a solid organizational foundation seems like a big problem. Fans of webOS and the Open webOS project will be happy to hear HP reiterate the program's schedule, then, which is expected to hit 1.0 later this year. Though we don't know who's going to fill Greenblatt's shoes — or the circumstances under which he left, for that matter — webOS Nation is reporting that Bill Veghte, who was recently named to a chief strategy role overseeing webOS's open-source transition, remains in place.