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Apple, Foxconn agree to hire 'tens of thousands' new workers and 'clamp down' on overtime

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Apple and Foxconn agree to take massive efforts in improving factory conditions, including clamping down on overtime and hiring tens of thousands of new workers to compensate.

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Right on cue alongside the Fair Labor Association's report on Foxconn worker conditions, Apple has announced that both it and the manufacturer will work together to hire "tens of thousands" of new workers in an effort to improve working conditions and "clamp down" on overtime. Foxconn said it is reducing working hours to 49 hours per week, including overtime, and developing a compensation package that keeps workers at their current level. Additional housing and canteens will be built to accomodate the hiring. As Retuers notes, the agreement will likely cause higher prices for consumers — in addition to Apple, Foxconn has manufactured for numerous major companies such as Samsung, Sony, Nintendo, and Motorola Mobility — but the impact won't be immediate.