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Hulu Plus update adds support for seven more Android tablets, new UI

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The Hulu Plus Android app has been updated with a new design and support for seven additional tablets.

Hulu Plus Android update
Hulu Plus Android update

Hulu Plus is available on a number of Android devices, but until now only two of those were tablets. You'll now be able to watch Hulu on your Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, Eee Pad Transformer, Motorola Xoom, Motorola Xyboard 10.1, Toshiba Thrive, Acer Iconia, and LG G-Slate. And with the new devices comes a new UI, which features an updated design with large, colorful thumbnails for each show, and side-to-side navigation reminiscent of the Pulse reading app. And there will likely be even more Android devices announced soon, as Hulu says that this is "just the beginning" for its tablet rollout. You can get the newly updated app for free from the source link below.