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Chevy GogoLink app brings smartphone-powered navigation to Sonic and Spark vehicles

Chevrolet has announced GogoLink, a navigation app for smartphones that uses the company's MyLink system to display maps and directions on your dashboard.

Chevy GogoLink Promo Image 640
Chevy GogoLink Promo Image 640

Discrete in-vehicle GPS systems seem increasingly redundant when most smartphones can perform similar functionality. It's something that Chevrolet is banking on with GogoLink, a new navigation app that will add in-car navigation to upcoming models of the company's Sonic and Spark vehicle lines. The app depends on Chevrolet's MyLink system which allows a user to connect their smartphone via Bluetooth or USB to their stereo system to access photos, video, and music, as well as make and receive phone calls. GogoLink uses your phone's data connection and GPS to provide maps, local search, and live traffic information directly to your dashboard. The app also features the ability to store maps offline, allowing you access to turn-by-turn directions even when faced with poor connectivity.

Leveraging the power and functionality of smartphones is a bandwagon we've seen multiple manufacturers jump on at this point, with the MyLink system bearing more than a passing resemblance to both MirrorLink car stereo heads as well as Ford's Sync solution. Its convenience, however, is obvious, and we expect the trend to only accelerate as smartphones become increasingly powerful. The app will go on sale later this year — the promotional video below shows the system working on iOS and Android — but customers that buy Chevy Sonic and Spark vehicles before the app is released will need to visit their dealer for an upgrade to their MyLink systems. No official pricing has been announced for the app itself, thought Chevrolet has said it will come in at under $50.