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'Prince of Persia' creator discovers game's original Apple II source code, will post it online

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Game developer Jordan Mechner, who created the original Prince of Persia, has found the original Apple II source code for the legendary game.

Jordan Mechner's Prince of Persia box
Jordan Mechner's Prince of Persia box

Those of a certain age might remember two popular games for the Apple II, Karateka and the original Prince of Persia. Both were the work of developer Jordan Mechner, who thought the source code for the latter had been lost after a decade-long search proved fruitless. However, as Mechner writes on his blog, he has discovered the 3.5-inch Apple ProDOS floppy disks containing the code in a package he received from his father. Mechner plans to archive the source code, and has pledged to share it once he can transfer it into a "21-century-readable format."