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Science fiction and fantasy when the awesome has become ordinary

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Alyssa Rosenberg takes a look at the programming of the SyFy network, which has focused extensively on fantasy programming since the demise of Battlestar Galactica, and how the network is missing an opportunity to use the futuristic developments around us to create a new breed of science-fiction.

SyFy network logo
SyFy network logo

We live in a world where devices that were recently considered the domain of a future yet-to-come now live in our pockets and backpacks. This isn't cause for creators of fiction to rest on their laurels, however; it's actually an important opportunity, one that Alyssa Rosenberg of Think Progress says the SyFy network is missing in its switch to fantasy-themed programming following the demise of Battlestar Galactica. While television is often driven by cultural and programming trends, it's hard to argue with Rosenberg's point that the network is doing viewers a disservice by relying on the well-worn instead of using today's reality as the jumping-off point for exploring new visions of our collective future. If you're interested in fiction, fantasy, or the inspiration of looking at one possible tomorrow, it's definitely worth a read.