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Google+ Hangouts get digital masks to enhance your next video chat

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Google+ Hangouts have a new mask button in the top left corner that will let you cycle through a dog, cat, halo, or devil horn effects that are overlaid on your face.

Google+ Hangout masks Paul Miller
Google+ Hangout masks Paul Miller

Google+ Hangouts have received a myriad of updates that added features such as screen sharing, dial-in chats, and video broadcasts, but today the service got an improvement that really brings it ahead: masks. Like the mustache, reindeer, and antler effects that came before, these new masks are laid over your face and follow you as you move during a hangout. You're able to choose from dog, cat, halo, and devil horn effects by clicking the new mask icon on the top left of the hangout. Paul Miller and Nathan Ingraham joined me on an important Hangout recently, and you can see the results above. Our only question is: will President Obama don the cat mask the next time he hosts a Google+ Hangout, or is he more of a dog person? America needs to know.